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Hopefully if you’ve gotten this far you’ve gotten an idea of my style of photography and you like my work.  So hopefully I don’t blow it on the bio page and this picture of my adorable family will help seal the deal!

So…about me…where should I begin? Well, I met the love of my life in 2002 and after a whirlwind (10 year) courtship we got married in 2012. We welcomed our first son in 2014 (on our anniversary!) And had our second son in 2016 (just a random day in August).  When I’m not photographing couples on one of the most important days of their lives I like to capture the everyday moments of my family.

Now, back to you. I want to stress that photographing your wedding is never about me.  I truly understand that it is your wedding day, not my photoshoot, and I never forget that.  I make the most of our short time together to earn your trust because I know that trust will lead to the best images possible.

So we are a good fit for your wedding?

  • Do you genuinely value photography? And are you excited to have a photographer document your wedding day?
  • Do you love bright & airy? Nope.  We love drama, colors, and contrast!
  • Do you prefer candid, natural photos of real moments over static posed images?(Note: We still do all your traditional family photos and detail shots)
  • Is there a good chance your dance floor is going to get a little bit crazy and do you want to document it all?
If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, I’d love to hear from you. so Contact Us!

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed working with every single one of my couples to date and at the end of a long wedding day it feels like saying goodbye to long time friends. Either I have been incredibly lucky, or there is something about my photography that is attracting great people as clients.  I believe the latter.

Far more important than anything I could say about myself is what my couples have said.

I am based in Baltimore, MD. I cover the Washington, DC area, the eastern shore, Northern Virginia, and pretty much anywhere else.


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