I want to emphasize that photographing your wedding is never about me.  I truly understand that it is your wedding day, not my photoshoot, and I never forget that.  I make the most of our short time together to earn your trust because I know that trust will lead to the best images possible.

I take a photojournalistic approach to photographing your wedding day. I don’t stage anything, the goal is to capture authentic moments and emotions as they happen.  Of course, we always try to get a few epic portraits when we get the chance!

I like traveling, coffee, IPA’s, mountains, football, baseball, Star Wars, Game of Thrones… but mostly I LOVE photography! I love it so much that I quit my day job to try to make it in the crazy hyper competitive world of wedding photography.  I love everything about photographing weddings, it never stops challenging me and every wedding is unique.

So are we a good fit for your wedding?

  • Do you genuinely value photography? And are you excited to have a photographer document your wedding day?
  • We love drama, colors, and contrast!
  • Do you prefer candid, natural photos of real moments over static posed images?(Note: We still do all your traditional family photos and detail shots)
  • Is there a good chance your dance floor is going to get a little bit crazy and do you want to document it all?
If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, I’d love to hear from you. so Contact Us!

Far more important than anything I could say about myself is what my couples have said.

I am based in Baltimore, MD. I cover the Washington, DC area, the eastern shore, Northern Virginia, and pretty much anywhere else.

Click HERE for a list of places we have worked.


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