Alexandria Wedding Photography

David and Melissa had their Alexandria wedding at historic Christ Church.  It is a beautiful church in Old Town where George Washington was once a parishioner.  They still have his pew reserved!

Melissa began the day at the nearby Hotel Monaco to get ready before the short trip to the church.  Afterwards the wedding party went to a few favorite spots in Old Town Alexandria, including their favorite bar, before an absolutely epic back yard reception at a waterfront private residence.  Enjoy the photos!

Bride to be getting ready in the makeup chair in her room at the hotel monaco in Alexandria, VA.

A bride getting her makeup done before her Alexandria, VA wedding at the hotel monaco.bride's maids look on as the bride gets her makeup done before her Old Town Alexandria, wedding.

The wedding dress hangs in the window of the Hotel Monaco. While the bride gets ready for her Alexandria Wedding.

The bride and bridesmaids pose on the bed before her Alexandria, VA wedding. The bride and bridesmaids pose on the bed at Hotel Monaco before her Alexandria wedding.photograph of the wedding dress hanging in the window at hotel monaco in alexandria. Bride'smaids watch as the bride's wedding dress is laced before her wedding in alexandria virginia. Alexandria Wedding-12-2 The bride's sister puts on her necklace before her wedding in alexandria, va. wedding photography portrait of the bride before her alexandria va ceremony. The bride's sister and mother get ready for her wedding in Alexandria, VA. Alexandria Wedding-19-2 Alexandria Wedding-21-2 Alexandria Wedding-23-2

The bride and her mother share an emotional moment before her Alexandria wedding at Christ Church in Old Town.

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Alexandria Wedding-31-2

Exterior photo of Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria Wedding-34-2The Bride and her father walk down the aisle on her wedding day at Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Alexandria Wedding-36-2 The bride and groom kiss during their wedding ceremony at christ church in alexandria, va. Alexandria Wedding-38-2 Alexandria Wedding-39-2 Alexandria Wedding-40-2 The bride and groom pose in a pew at christ church in old town alexandria, va Alexandria Wedding-42-2 Alexandria Wedding-43-2 The bride and groom pose under and archway at the entrance to the grounds of christ church in alexandria, va. the bride and groom kiss under an archway at the entrance to the grounds of christ church in alexandria, va on their wedding day. Alexandria Wedding-46-2 Alexandria Wedding-48-2 Alexandria Wedding-49-2 the bride and groom kiss on a cobblestone street in old town alexandria virginia on their wedding day. Alexandria Wedding-51-2 old town alexandria wedding photography of a bride and groom kissing. Alexandria Wedding-53-2 Alexandria Wedding-54-2

Alexandria Wedding-56-2


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