2016 was our busiest and best year yet! Even in the ultra competitive market for Baltimore wedding photographers, 2017 is looking like it will be even bigger. Before we look ahead, I wanted to share my favorite photos from the year.  Once again we were blessed with truly amazing couples.  I love being a part of your wedding days and hearing your stories.  It is really an honor.  This year I wanted to work on not only capturing great moments, but also capturing them from interesting perspectives.  Between the record number of weddings, attending the Davina + Daniel workshop in Montreal (Blog post coming soon), the birth of our second son in August, and finally taking the business full time, I really pushed myself this year.  I think the work paid off.  I was originally going to limit myself to 15 images, but if you have been a client, you know I’m not into limits (We deliver A LOT of images).  But yeah, I didn’t come anywhere close to 15.  So here goes:

Getting Ready:

2016 favorites for baltimore wedding photographers