14 Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Your Wedding Photography

We go to a lot of weddings and we’ve seen lots of ways to do things. Here are some friendly suggestions to get the most out of your photographer and more importantly, keep things running smoothly so you aren’t stressed about time on your big day.


Getting Ready

  • Think about whom you want to include in your getting ready time. Obviously you will want your bridal party and a few family members there. Just keep in mind, the more people, the more mess. For a good photographer a little mess is no big deal to work around, but of course, less mess is always better.
  • Window light is awesome, open the blinds as much as possible.
  • Have all your details (dress, jewelry, shoes, invitations, etc) available for your photographer when they arrive. It’s a great place to start.

First Look & Portraits

  • First Looks are great! They allow you to get a lot of photos finished before the ceremony when time isn’t at a premium and you get to enjoy more of your cocktail hour.
  • That being said, I can certainly appreciate that a first look isn’t for everyone and we do our best to make sure we get all your photos done in the time you give us.
  • Talk to your photographer about any locations you have in mind, or ask them to suggest some places.
  • For your portraits, the more time you dedicate, the better your results will be. 20-30 minutes is really the minimum. If you can spare another 10-15 minutes during sunset it will definitely be worth your while and you may get an epic wedding day photo.
  • For family photos, make a list of your desired groupings and share it with your photographer. Also be sure to let anyone who will be in the photos know ahead of time so time isn’t wasted trying to find people.


  • I won’t tell you how to have your ceremony. In fact we try our best to be as un-intrusive as possible while still getting the photos our clients will love.
  • Whatever you choose for your ceremony, we are equipped to handle it. We use some of the best photography gear on the market to ensure that we can great images in even the most challenging conditions.

Cocktail Hour

  • A lot of times we don’t get the chance to photograph all of cocktail hour. Usually, we are doing family portraits, or your couple’s portraits. Most of the time my 2nd shooter is able to photograph the last 15-20 minutes.


  • Uplighting can transform any venue into a beautiful space, but not all lighting is created equal. If your DJ uses colored laser spotlights, ask him to turn them off during your important dances. The last thing anyone wants is colored dots on their face in their first dance photos.
  • It may be tempting to have your first dance immediately after your introductions, but pushing it back until after dinner will give your photographer some extra time to perfect their lighting that extra little bit to give your first photos that wow factor.
  • Most importantly, have fun and dance!

bride and groom kiss after their liriodendron wedding in bel air, md14 tips from your baltimore wedding photographer sunset at an Argyle Country Club wedding in Silver Spring, MD bride and groom pose during their backyard baltimore wedding