Bluemont Vineyard Wedding

Simon and Kamilla have been to over 200 Roger Waters/Pink Floyd concerts between them. In the process they have traveled around the world and made friends from just about everywhere you can think of. Obviously music is a huge part of their lives and their wedding was definitely a reflection of that. They used the concert theme throughout their Bluemont Vineyard wedding, complete with ticketmaster invitations, posters, wristbands, t-shirts, and vip badges.  They went all out and it was awesome.

The early part of the day, including the first look and family pictures took place at the spectacular Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA. If you are in the area and have not been, you owe it to yourself to check this place out. Saying the Salamander is really nice is quite an understatement.  It is amazing and definitely worth the trip!

The ceremony and reception were at the equally spectacular Bluemont Vineyard, in Bluemont Virginia. The views from the tasting room and the stables are amazing!

Both of these venues are just an hour from downtown Washington, DC and would be fantastic venues for any wedding.


Salamander Resort
Bluemont Vineyard

Creations in Bloom

Thanks again to my brother Steve for 2nd Shooting.

36 Bluemont northern virginia ring

01 Salamander Resort Wedding Dress Virginia

02 Salamander Resort Wedding Shoe Virginia

03 Salamander Resort Bride Prep Va

04 Salamander Virginia Bride

05 Salamander VA bridal portrait

06 Salamander Washington DC Wedding Photo

07 Salamander Groom portrait va

08 salamander virginia first look

09 Salamander resort first look va

10 Salamander resort wedding photography virginia

11 middleburg virginia wedding photo

12 Salamander resort bride

13 salamander library portrait

14 Salamander stables wedding portrait

15 Salamander middleburg va portrait

16 stables at salamander wedding portrait

17 Bluemont Winery wedding photography

18 Bluemont bride and groom

19 Bluemont Virginia wedding photo

20 Bluemont winery wedding portrait

22 Bluemont winery virginia bridal

23 bluemont bridal portrait

24 bluemont va wedding

25 bluemont va wedding ceremony

26 bluemont winery ceremony

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29 bluemont wedding group photo

30 Bluemont va wedding invitation

31 bluemont winery wedding intro

32 bluemont winery wedding intro

33 bluemont first dance photo

34 bluemont winery first dance kiss

35 bluemont virginia wedding photo

37 ring detail

38 Bluemont reception photo virginia

39 Bluemont winery toast va

40 Bluemont cake cutting

41 Buemont winery wedding cake smash

42 Bluemont wedding bride cake virginia

43 bluemont wedding party

44 bluemont wedding garter

45 Bluemont winery va bouquet toss

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47 buemont va wedding dancing

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49 Bluemont wedding group

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