Alexandria & Matt’s St. Mary’s church wedding in Annapolis was an amazing marathon of a day.  This was definitely one of my favorites!  Truly great people who were a blast to work with and really dedicated a lot of time for photography.  We started at the fantastic Annapolis Waterfront hotel where Alexandria got ready.  Afterwards we moved to the beautiful St. Mary’s church.  After the ceremony we spent some time in downtown Annapolis and then across the bay bridge at Terrapin Beach Park, before heading to the reception at Unity Hall in Davidsonville.

details from getting ready at the marriott annapolis waterfront hotel bride getting ready for her wedding at the annapolis waterfront hotel. annapolis-wedding-photographer-3 Bride gets help putting on her wedding dress at the annapolis waterfront hotel. bridesmaids help with the dress before a st. mary's church wedding in annapolis, md annapolis-wedding-photographer-6 annapolis-wedding-photographer-7 annapolis-wedding-photographer-8 annapolis-wedding-photographer-9 annapolis-wedding-photographer-10 annapolis-wedding-photographer-11 annapolis-wedding-photographer-12 flower girl looks out the window before a st. mary's church wedding in annapolis, md. annapolis-wedding-photographer-14 annapolis-wedding-photographer-15 bride and her father make their entrance at a St. Mary's church wedding in annapolis, md. annapolis-wedding-photographer-17 annapolis-wedding-photographer-18 annapolis-wedding-photographer-19 annapolis-wedding-photographer-20 annapolis-wedding-photographer-21 annapolis-wedding-photographer-22 annapolis-wedding-photographer-23 Collage of photos from St. Mary's church wedding in Annapolis, MD bride and groom walk down the aisle at St. Mary's Church wedding in Annapolis, MD annapolis-wedding-photographer-26 bride and groom walk down a quiet street in annapolis, md. annapolis-wedding-photographer-28 annapolis-wedding-photographer-29 annapolis-wedding-photographer-30 annapolis-wedding-photographer-31 annapolis-wedding-photographer-32 annapolis-wedding-photographer-33 annapolis-wedding-photographer-34 bride and groom kiss on Terrapin Beach in Stevensville, MD bride and groom on terrapin beach in Stevensville, MD. annapolis-wedding-photographer-37 annapolis-wedding-photographer-38 annapolis-wedding-photographer-39 annapolis-wedding-photographer-40 annapolis-wedding-photographer-41 annapolis-wedding-photographer-42 annapolis-wedding-photographer-43 annapolis-wedding-photographer-44 annapolis-wedding-photographer-45 annapolis-wedding-photographer-46 annapolis-wedding-photographer-47 annapolis-wedding-photographer-48 annapolis-wedding-photographer-49 annapolis-wedding-photographer-50 annapolis-wedding-photographer-51 annapolis-wedding-photographer-52 annapolis-wedding-photographer-53 annapolis-wedding-photographer-54 annapolis-wedding-photographer-55 annapolis-wedding-photographer-56 annapolis-wedding-photographer-57 annapolis-wedding-photographer-58 annapolis-wedding-photographer-59

St. Mary’s Church Wedding

This was not our first time photographing a St. Mary’s Church wedding, but it is such a beautiful venue I hope we get the opportunity to shoot there a dozen more times.  The inside is just gorgeous and the grounds outside on Spa Creek are also a fantastic place for photography.  After the ceremony while the bridal party ate crepes and made a beer run.  We took Allie and Matt around downtown Annapolis to all of my favorite nooks and crannies for photos.  After that it was on the bus and over the bay bridge to one of my favorite lesser known spots, Terrapin Beach on Kent Island, where there are tons of opportunities for a wide variety of portraits, group photos, and great candids. Finally, everyone headed to Davidsonville for the lively reception at Unity Hall.  As you can see from the photos, the guests did not disappoint and the party did not let up.  Allie & Matt were just awesome people.  I loved working with them and wish them the best in the future.


Hotel – Marriott Annapolis Waterfront Hotel

Church – St. Mary’s Church

Reception – Unity Hall

Florist – Odenton Florist

DJ – Reflections DJ, Kevin

Catering – Beefalo Bob’s

Cake – Caroline’s Cakes

Videographer – Marcus, Anthony Sekellick Photography